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Without a doubt, diamonds are the finest way to express our love, respect, care, togetherness or any emotion under the sun. The most exquisite way to say everything, without saying a word.

A synonym for high quality diamonds today, Sunny Diamonds has been in the industry for over two decades. It is no surprise that it has become a household name. With the largest customer base in Kerala, they are known for their unique craftsmanship, world class quality and long lasting brilliance. Offering an unbeatable variety of choices, Sunny Diamonds is your go to place for any occasion.

A true judge of quality, Mr. P. P. Sunny ventured into the diamond industry with a passion for precious stones. While his keen interest in delivering the best has earned us loyal customers, it is the consumer-centric policies that mark the difference.

A perfect balance of tradition and world class standards, Sunny Diamonds gives you the best diamond experience. We are committed to bringing world-class selections to the customers. Thus, we are amongst the few distinguished importers of the coveted Belgium diamonds. Setting an example are our popular collections, the Raydiance and the Auriga. Not only are these modeled of the highest quality stones but radiate the warmth that our tradition provides.

The Raydiance is a beautiful bride’s dream. Comprising of a necklace, finger ring, earrings and a bracelet, this is all that it takes to make the big day even more special. Named after ancient constellations, the Auriga collection features some of the brightest, most exquisite solitaires in the industry with standards that are galaxies away.

Every piece you take home is a timeless work of art, handcrafted by our master craftsmen with the love and attention that it deserves. We make sure that every piece of jewellery is intricate and perfect because at Sunny Diamonds we know that jewellery is not just ornamental. Each detail holds a story. You relive memories every time you adorn it.

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