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Special Offer - Domestic Servant Health Checkup At Rs.650

Life care's domestic servant checkup(cbc, esr, hiv,xray, stool, urine, vdrl) at Rs.650 at LifeCareIndia.
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Life Care Medical Center is an ultramodern diagnostic centre with wide-ranging facilities for Laboratory, Imaging investigations & other diagnostic facilities, under one roof. LifeCareIndia was established in the year 1995, as a private limited company in Mumbai which is equipped with advanced computerized and has automated machines from reputed companies, maintains international standards of quality. The LifeCareIndia provides utmost comfort to patient during an investigation and provide highly accurate & reliable reports using best consumables. It also aims at delivering preventive care through various health checkups so as to create higher standards of health in the society & also to provide excellent diagnostic services of international levels.

LifeCareIndia is a principled place where patient care is of utmost importance and focuses on customer satisfaction. Life Care has a team of highly qualified & experienced specialists who are supported by fully trained staff & technicians to take full care & provide best services. LifeCareIndia also strives to provide cost effective diagnostic services to well off class but extending concessions and ensures to provide complete free services to unaffording classes too.  The LifeCareIndia holds health camps at concessional rates to patients from time to time help in mass screening of patients for various diseases. The aim purpose of LifeCareIndia website is not only to use it as a tool of information about our various services but to give the latest updates on various prevalent diseases from time to time & their diagnostic methods.

LifeCareIndia also focuses to provide online facility to get investigations done from the comforts of patients. LifeCareIndia visions to be in top 3 diagnostic centers in India, deliver world class patient care services, excel in the delivery of diagnostic services supported by comprehensive research and education, be the preferred choice for the world's leading medical professionals and scientific minds, develop, apply, evaluate, and share new technology, and be an active partner in local community initiatives and contribute to its well-being and development. LifeCareIndia also strives to provide dedicating human care through excellence in diagnostic services and improving health standards through preventive care. This is the first multi facility diagnostic centre with all imaging & pathology services under one roof.

LifeCareIndia features modern interiors rooms and air conditioned departments which are equipped with state of art full computerized machines from reputed companies of Germany, UK & USA helped us in maintaining international standards of quality & excellent ambience. LifeCareIndia specializes in corporate health care and various corporate have undergone highly professional services for checkups of their employees. Some corporate companies includes Air India, Jet Airways, Indo Mobil, ABB, Indian Bank, Corporation Bank, Various Life Insurance companies like ICICI Prudential, OM Kotak Mahindra, TATA AIG, Max New York, L.I.C and many others.  There is 24 hours of customer support and also home visit service for check-ups is also available at LifeCareIndia. With just one phone call or email you can get your check-up done at your home only.

LifeCareIndia offers Mammography test, is x-rays of the breasts so as to enable one to detect early breast cancer. Mammography is required as the earliest of cancers are seen only on this modality. Sonomammography test is sonography of the breasts which is usually done as a complementary procedure to mammography. It helps in distinguishing a cystic mass from a solid mass. Bone Densitometry (BMD) test by DEXA method, is currently accepted as being a quick, simple, painless examination that is currently the most sensitive screening tool used to detect bone loss in early stages of osteoporosis. It is considered to be expensive and most cost effective method for this type of examination. Bone Densitometry is a tool used to predict the possibility of a fracture. BMD uses an extremely small amount of X-rays to measure the thickness or density of the bones.

In LifeCareIndia, 2D-Echocardiogram test will be also being provided to its patient. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves (ultrasound) to evaluate working condition of the heart and to know how well the heart is working. The test 2D-Echocardiogram will be done with Color Doppler is a special ultrasound technique, which allows us to evaluate blood vessels. This Echocardiogram test will be done to find out overall function of the heart. To evaluate size of the heart and its pumping chambers (ventricles), visualize how well the heart is moving. To evaluate how well the valves are working, to see if there is any structural defect or to see if there is any evidence of blood clot, tumor or infection of the heart valves. With this test of 2D-Echocardiogram you can also find out if there is any fluid around the heart.

The Services offered at LifeCareIndia includes Digital X-Ray, Dental Imaging, Digital Mammography, Bone Densitometry, 3D Color Droppler Sonograph, Cardiac Imaging, Advanced Dentistry, Spirometry, Eye Checkup, Specialty Clinics, Lifestyle Management, and Total Body Fat Analysis. Dental Imaging includes Digital OPG, Cepnalometry, IOPA, and Occlusal View.  Cardiac Imaging includes Computerized Stress Test, 2D Echocardiography, and ECG.  Specialty Clinics includes Diabetes Clinic, Allergy Clinic, and Arthritis Clinic. Lifestyle Management includes Diet Consultation, and Stress Management. Advanced Pathology category includes services like Biochemistry, Endrocrinology, Microbiology, Clinical Pathology, Haematology, Immunology, Cytology, Histopathology, and Serology.  Corporate category includes Corporate Clients and Corporate Services. Insurance category includes services like Insurance Clients and Insurance Services.

Health Checkup category includes Basic Health Checkup, Executive Health Checkup, Cancer Detection Plan, Child Health Checkup, Senior Citizen Checkup, Women's Health Checkup, Domestic Servant Health Checkup, Supreme Health Checkup, and Special Executive. With LifeCareIndia discount coupons grab the services offered for cheaper price. LifeCareIndia promo codes and LifeCareIndia voucher codes provides good amount of discount on services offered. Find LifeCareIndia coupons in its official website only and also get discount coupons for LifeCareIndia in various coupon websites. From coupons you can save more on available services. is of the leading online website for coupons where you can find latest coupons and best deals of various online shopping sites.  Here is grab LifeCareIndia coupons 2014 and LifeCareIndia best deals. Some LifeCareIndia offers are Advance Pathology Services at Low Price, All Advance Diagnostic Services at Low Price, Health Checkup Services at Low Price, and many others.

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