CouponRani - Free Online Coupons launches its Free Developer Edition of Its Coupon API

March 29, 2013 - announced the launch of its Free Developer Coupon API for developers, and is the first company in India to launch a Free Coupon API. Experienced shoppers are looking for coupons and deals before they purchase online. Through this API, any partner which sells software, tickets, subscription services etc. can reward their user by offering free and exclusive coupons offered by CouponRani.

Last month CouponRani announced the launch of the Coupon API for partners, and had announced its partnership with Ayojak, an event ticketing company. Using the API, Ayojak offered free coupons for consumers buying tickets on its website. This week made a free version of its Coupon API available for developers, and partners. The API is available in JSON (Java Script Object Notation) and iFrame formats, which makes the integration a quick process for developers.

The team believes - "We are today making the Coupon API freely available to developers, so that they can come up with various product offerings. Further, our partners can use coupons along with selling their product and service to boost conversion, improve customer satisfaction, and provide a better experience to their users. By using our API, the partners are saving the effort in maintaining valid coupons, as well as getting exclusive coupons."

About CouponRani .com

CouponRani is an innovative couponing company which provides free shopping coupons from over 600+ online stores to consumers in India. The website is focused on keeping only working coupons, and does not show any expired coupons for better user experience. The company uses social media to provide personalized deals to consumers.

Further, on its blog, CouponRani team and their active consumers share the best available deals and offer on the online sites. CouponRani also provides a Google Chrome Extension, which helps users get to coupons within their browser. You can download the Chrome Extension here.